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Undeniable Passion

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People came with something to share, to proclaim, to provoke their fellow Saultites. Strong women of Kenya. Evolution explained. A vision of the modern day classroom. A call for culinary diversity. The perfect cup of coffee. The night was short on fluff, high on substance.

Ignite Sault 2 was held at the Speak Easy Pub, a bigger venue chosen with expectations of a bigger crowd. Unfortunately, only half of the registered ticket buyers came out, so we’re looking into why that happened. All in all there were about 40 people, still not bad for the 2nd time.

A few firsts for Ignite Sault:

  • live stream online, which attracted up to 16 viewers at one time
  • a presentation karaoke competition
  • prizes for karaoke competitors, courtesy of local sponsors

Special Offer on Indian Cuisine

That’s right. I said Indian. In Sault Ste. Marie. One of the sponsors, Indian Food Sault Ste. Marie is offering a special discount during the month of November. Mention the discount code IGNITE when you place an order of lunch for two and get 50% off a meal for a third person. Do it! You won’t be disappointed.


To get the night started, the Ignite crowd was introduced to a geekified version of the familiar Rocks, Paper, Scissors by adding Lizard and Spock. After some practice and a few rounds of competition, the would-be champs were down to 3 contenders. When it mattered, Michelle Courneene would not be denied, defeating Dave Brodbeck and Don McGorman in a 3 way battle.

First-ever Karaoke

3 brave contestants from the audience had to present 6 slides each, sight unseen, not for the faint of heart. The result was a mix of hilarity, absurdity and disbelief with Tom Vair voted as the winner by the audience.

10 Presentations

The heart of Ignite, the presentations inspired, challenged, amused the audience.

The Rest