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Mixing & Mingling with the Ignite Sault crew on Friday

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Have you submitted your Ignite talk proposal yet? Keep in mind the deadline is today! Submit your proposal soon to avoid disappointment! 🙂  So far we have a great variety of interesting talks but we’re also looking for something lighthearted.  Are you the one who can add that to the mix and balance things out?  Let us know!

Friday’s Mix and Mingle with Ignite Sault was a great start to the weekend. Thank you to the awesome crowd who came out! What enthusiasm!

Everybody enjoyed a nice relaxing drink at Loplops and many also partook in the tasty gourmet pizza (3 kinds of pizza and all absolutely delicious!).

We unveiled our official Ignite Sault banner (thank you to Dumanski Office Interiors for providing it!) and Tim Kelly talked about Ignite Sault 3 and followed it up with some videos including:

“Why and How to Give an Ignite Talk” from Ignite Seattle

We followed it up by inviting past Ignite Sault presenter Curtis Collins up to talk about his experience (which he did in under 1 minute!) before replaying his talk on Art and Community.

We asked the crowd if they wanted to see more. The crowd asked for more!

Next we showed them Ignite Karaoke and when the crowd asked for more again we showed them Susan Hunter’s “The Pirate Principles” talk from Ignite Sault 2.

Everybody was buzzing and we could feel the excitement! Gerry Kirk capped the night by speaking about Ignite and Soo PodCamp (which took place on Saturday!).

It was great! We were pumped that everybody was so pumped! Now don’t forget, there are only a few more days to submit your Ignite Sault talk proposal (due on February 25)!

Not submitting a talk but you want to come and check it out on April 8Get your free tickets here!

February’s flying and the deadline for talk proposals is coming up!

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February is definitely a short month!  There is only one week left to submit your talk proposals (the deadline is February 25) so don’t forget!  The time really does sneak up on you.

If you haven’t had the chance to check out Ignite Sault’s YouTube channel yet, you can see two more presentations from Ignite Sault 2 here.

Here’s Abigail Obenchain’s “A Plea for Restaurant Diversity in Sault Ste. Marie”

Here’s Luc Duchesne’s “Sticking it to the Man”

Also tomorrow is Friday which means Ignite Sault’s mixer to help you start your weekend off! This is your chance to relax, have a drink and mix and mingle with Ignite Sault participants, past presenters and more! (Also the chance to purchase Jenn’s delicious gourmet pizza!)

Don’t forget, Soo PodCamp is also happening on Saturday.

February may be a shorter month but there definitely isn’t a shortage of things to do! Hope to see you out!

Start your weekend with an Ignite Sault mixer!

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Although it’s a shorter work week for most of you (if you had Family Day off:), we wanted to help you jump start the upcoming weekend!

This Friday (February 19) at 5 p.m. the Ignite Sault crew will be hosting a free mixer where you can meet and mingle with other Ignite participants and organizers in a fun and relaxed atmosphere (at Loplops!).  Know a friend who might be interested?  Bring them along!

Ignite is a community event and we wouldn’t be around if not for the diverse and dynamic citizens of the Sault!  So we really hope to see you out.  Not convinced yet?

Here are the top 5 reasons you should attend this Ignite event at Loplops.  (there are WAY more, use your imagination)

  1. It’s been too dam long since you went for a beer (or cocktail) after work.
  2. Mingling with fun and interesting people is good for you.
  3. You get to bring friends that are curious about Ignite. We’ll explain what it is so you don’t have to.
  4. Loplops will be serving gourmet pizza – specially prepared by Steve’s wife Jenn. Warning – don’t spoil your dinner and get into trouble :).
  5. The more people that show up, the more fun everyone will have. duh
  6. Bonus reason – it’s a great way to finish up your week and start off the weekend.

Before you forget, mark it in your calendar. Check out more details here or on our Facebook fanpage!

If you’re interested in Ignite Sault you should also check out Soo PodCamp (another event brought to you by Gerry Kirk).  Soo PodCamp is an unconference that takes place on February 20 and focuses on new and social media.  It’s an excellent chance to exchange ideas, learn and network, network, network!

So those are two great events to help you kickstart your weekend!  Hope to see you out!

Getting fired up for Ignite Sault

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The Ignite Sault team is really excited for Ignite Sault 3!  We’ve been talking to potential speakers and attendees (and all other interested parties) and your enthusiasm has been incredible!

If you’ve ever worked in a team (outside of working hours) you’ll know how hard it is to find time to get together.  Our meetings always leave us feeling fired up for our April 8th event, so we’ve found some new and interesting ways to meet more often.

Skype and TinyChat have been our modern-day meeting saviors!  With Skype we’re able to conference call each other and with TinyChat we can see each other.

Ignite Sault team meets via Skype & TinyChat

Some members of the Ignite Sault team meet via Skype & TinyChat

As I mentioned before, the meetings always get us fired up as we discuss the interest we’ve seen in Ignite Sault 3 and what our next steps are.

So if you’re interested in presenting, don’t forget the deadline is February 25 submit here and you can .  If you’d like to attend don’t forget to reserve your free tickets here.

We love seeing and hearing about your interest so keep it up and hope to see you on April 8!

Want Ignite Sault 3 Tickets?

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The Ignite Sault 3 team has been busy telling everybody about our community event on April 8, 2010. We have so many things to be excited about:

1) Great venue – The Grand Theatre on Queen St.

2) Thursday night – yay! A better night to go out.

3) Fantastic support from our growing team of volunteers.

4) We’ve learned a lot. We’re better prepared.

5) Lots of interesting speakers and fun activities planned.

So we’ve told you about this great event, you’ve marked it on your calendar, but how do you get tickets?

The wait is over! Tickets are available now.

We’re also still accepting presentation proposals until February 25 which is only a few weeks away! Submit your talk proposal here.

Also, if you haven’t already you can join our Facebook Fanpage or follow us on Twitter.

Inspired by Ignite, we bring you Soo Podcamp

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Unconference joke

As one of the founders of Ignite Sault, I (Gerry) have some exciting news for you, something that builds on the Ignite theme of bringing community together to connect, learn and inspire. It’s something I’ve been working on for a while, and I want to share with everybody what I’ve been pouring so much energy into.

On February 20th, 2010, we’re going to be having a Soo PodCamp. It will be held from 9am to 3pm at Sault College. And it’s free.

But wait, what’s a PodCamp? Well, it’s a free community UnConference aimed at bringing together new media enthusiasts, professionals, and hobbyists. If you ever wanted to know more about social media, or how to better utilize it for either business or in any other application, this is the place to be.

But wait, what’s an Unconference?

Well, we all know what a conference is, right? We’ve all been there before – gone to some sort of conference where we were excited to learn something new, and ended up bored out of our minds all day listening to people talk at us. Or other times the content was ok, but there was another direction we wanted to go in to make it work for us. And in all cases, there was no opportunity to interact and get what we wanted out of the experience.

And that’s where the ‘un’ part of Unconference comes in. It takes all the negative things that we’ve come to associate with going to conferences – the long, boring, non-interactive presentations, the set-in-stone agendas, and turns it on its head. At an Unconference (in this case a PodCamp), you have the opportunity to help shape the experience so that you get the most out of it as possible.

So know that you know more about what the Soo PodCamp is, go to to get the details and register today. It completely free – run by the community for the community, just like Ignite. Refreshments and lunch will be provided to make sure our brains are functioning at their best. Every person who attends brings their knowledge and adds it to the pool (and everyone has something to contribute, even if they don’t know they do!)

Social media has changed the way we go about our daily lives. It’s called ‘new media’ because that’s what it is – new. So come, bring an open mind and a willingness to discuss, and see what you can learn about new media and how you can use it, whatever your goals may be. Share ideas, discuss theories and learn lessons from an audience of experts. Network, network, network. All are welcome.