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Ignite Sault 4 Recap

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Sickness Manifesto talk

- Sickness Manifesto talk by Candice Esposito

After almost a year, Ignite Sault came back in fine form on February 10, with a near sell-out crowd (only 2 seats left in the balcony) listening to 11 speakers talk about their passions, everything ranging from a sickness manifesto to religious tolerance to advertising tips.

Looking for videos of the talks? Read on…

Marshmallow Mayhem

Marshmallow game

- Build tallest freestanding structure out of 20 spaghetti sticks, tape, string, one marshmallow on top

Every Ignite begins with a maker team competition of some sort that is both fun and challenging. It was awesome to watch about 30 tables battling each other to build the tallest structure.

Food Feast

Cupcakes and curry

- Cupcakes and curry

Our first time including food was a big hit, and you can count on us doing it again for Ignite Sault 5. Thanks to Jeannette from Jeannettes Custom Cakes and Neeta from Rasoi for the sweet and spicy treats, and for taking a chance on something new. Your passion shows in the work that you do.


Thanks to those who gave us feedback on the event (add your feedback here), which will make the next one even better. Most of the feedback affirmed what we’re already doing – great talks, interaction, food. The one area we heard to go after a perfect ’10’ score is you’d like to see talks dialed up to 11: more talks, more passion, entertaining value, with less promotional content. We’ve got some ideas to get there, but in the end it’s all about you out there willing to be a part of it. On that note, submit your talk now. 🙂

Sponsor Salute

Once again, we owe a lot to our sponsors, especially the Economic Development Corporation of Sault Ste. Marie for funding us in a major way, so we could focus on creating the best experience possible instead of scrounging for dollars. A number of organizations also helped out by donating time or prizes. If you find yourself in need of products or services which our sponsors provide, please show them some love:

Also thanks to Stephen Alexander for hosting the first ever after party @ Loplops.

Volunteer Cheer

We appreciate the time these people took out of their lives, and all the big and small things they did to make Ignite Sault 4 a success:

  • Lisa Vezeau-Allen – MC
  • AJ Armstrong and Mik Patton – photography
  • RJ Renner and Denise Soderberg – karaoke improv
  • Joanne Kovich – registration table
  • Jen Swenson – posters and other things creative

Want to help with Ignite Sault 5?

We’ll begin gearing up for the next event in early March. Contact us if you have an idea, or interest in helping.

The Ignite Sault Crew

Organizing team

Organizing team with MC Lisa

A mix of veterans and new faces made it all happen:

Videos and Photos

Everyone wants to know when the videos will be up. We are hoping to have a couple up by the end of this week, and then publishing a few more each week. We’ll let you know each time there is something new to check out.

In the meantime, watch the archived live feed video, put together by SooNews which contains all of the talks.

Lastly, please remember to put your pictures up on Flickr, tag them with “ignitesault” and “ignitesault4” and add them to our photo group.

See you at Ignite Sault 5!

Talk lineup finalized

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Talks Round 1

Fair Trade ≠ Free Trade : Nathan Smith
Why Co-ops are AWESOME! : Emily Colombo
The Electric Carrot: How Change Happens : Chris Cooper
Random acts of serendipity : Luc Duchesne
Jesus: The Man and the Mission : Jeremy Edgar
Putting the “U” in Entrepreneurship : Terri Chiarello

Talks Round 2

Painful Ads, Pleasing Ads : Susan Hunter
Co-Exist : It can really happen : Nancy Ralph
Your City, Your Say : Mayor Debbie Amaroso
The Sickness Manifesto : Candice Esposito
Click Click Boom : Curt O’Neil

For more details about schedule and the talks, head to the Agenda page.

Bring your appetite!

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Bring your appetite with you to Ignite Sault 4 as we introduce menu items from two of the Sault’s most successful entrepreneur’s to your palate (and ours). There will be a selection of affordable and yummy items from Rasoi and Jeannette‘s Custom Cakes for you to choose from.

Rasoi’s menu includes:

Pakoras (fried veggies) : $3 Tandoori Chicken : $4 Rice and Chicken Curry Bowl : $6

Jeanette’s Custom Cakes menu includes:

Cupcake selection of 5 different flavours at only $2 each or 6 for $10

Sponsorship Spotlight: Zynali Marketing Solutions

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Sponsorship Spotlight: Zynali Marketing Solutions

Ignite Sault team is proud to announce Zynali Marketing Solutions as one of our sponsors of Ignite Sault 4.  Nathan Smith, Director of Zynali Inc., was asked why he chose to be involved with Ignite Sault…

1. Why did you sponsor Ignite Sault?

I have been a part of Ignite Sault since Ignite Sault 2.  This event gives the community a platform in which to share what they are passionate about in a supportive and encouraging environment.  It’s about listening, understanding, and getting to know what makes others in our city interesting.  It’s also a chance to possibly see Curt O’neil in a ridiculous get-up.

2. What are you most looking forward to at Ignite Sault this year?

I’m looking forward to meeting new people and visiting with friends from past events.  Volunteering my services in the realm of livestreaming and social media management, I also look forward to not having any technical difficulties 🙂

3. What speaker/talk are you most interested in hearing?

I am really interested to hear all of them, but I am especially happy to see that our new mayor has chosen to present at Ignite Sault.