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Who’s Presenting At Ignite Sault 5

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The Ignite Sault 5 Speaker Lineup

The Ignite Sault team had the difficult task of choosing from several compelling talk submissions.  Ignite Saut 5 is only 12 days away! (Nov 9)  Don’t miss this inspiring community event, get your tickets now

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Here is a list of the presentations that made the cut…

Miracle-Gro For The Brain
Presenter Tyler Belanger
Biography Tyler Belanger is Director of Education for the Catalyst Fitness Ignite! division. He’s a researcher for brain function, a physical coach and personal trainer. He’s also a very charismatic speaker and motivator.
Description A division of Catalyst Fitness, we’ve been developing a program to enhance cognitive function/ memory / cognition using specific exercises before learning. This field is just coming alive, but most researchers haven’t yet gone far enough, focusing on neurochemistry and not actual plasticity (yet.) We’d like to show you what’s possible for folks with ADHD, autism, and brain injury, as well as kids with gaps in their motor learning.
A Tale of Gratitude
Presenter Neil Mclean
Biography Soo resident for over 20 years, raised in Toronto, born in France.
Grandparent, active volunteer, active outdoors, well travelled, tri-lingual
IT professional, registered professional forester
On a great journey!
Description A Recent trip across the country and back brought to the fore so much for which I am grateful.
This will be a description of that trip within the context of gratitude.
The talk will also be somewhat of a tribute to my son who traveled with me – but that won’t be evident until the last slide, which is phenomenal.
How I Learned to Love My Body
Presenter Katie Campbell
I moved to the Sault for love, 8 years ago. Now I stay for the love of my community and the stunning landscapes we are surrounded by. During the day I work for a natural resources economist, by night I teach Middle Eastern dance, and on the weekends I perform in a burlesque troupe.
I would like to talk about body image and self-esteem through a personal narrative.
Family Histories and Lifestyle Choices
Presenter Denise Rodda
Author of Legacy for Donna A Palliative Death Full of Blessings A Plea for Preventive Health Geneologies. This book is a tool to teach my message, the value of Proactive Preventive Health Geneologies. It also is intended to give comfort in the palliative death process. $2.00/book is donated to the Sault Area Hospital Foundation Cancer Care Fund.( for the life of the book!) I am an R.P.N with the GHC(25 years experience) I am positive for the genetic BRCA2, which increases my risk of Breast and Ovarian Cancer. 2 of my sister’s have had breast cancer. My sister Donna lost her battle with cancer sept 17,2008. Thus my grief has evolved to this book, and this need to “give back”. I am cancer free, and wish others to benefit from our family tragedy, so it “won’t happen to them!”
i wish to talk about the proactive choices we could all make should we be aware of our Health Genealogies! As we assume our children will have traits/resemblances to their parents/families… we should also realize that medical histories can also be much similar. The Baby-Boomer generation is the first generation to have names for past illness’s… We can do this! I wish to play that part of a social activist to encourage society to make medical family genealogies and to share with family members in young adulthood. This knowledge would be a tool with which to make proactive health lifestyle choices AND to see individualized medical recommendations/care/treatment. The end result would be a healthier society!!
The World at Your Door: Adventures in Couch Surfing
Presenter Gerry Kirk
I am the architect that designs spaces for people to create astonishing results. Co-founded Ignite Sault, ChangeCamp Sault and other local events. Guiding organizations to accelerate performance delivered by a highly motivated, empowered workforce. Pushing the limits is where I like to be.
Ever wanted to see the world? Start by bringing the world to your doorstep. Our family has hosted people the past 2 years from all over, all by simply offering a bed for travellers. From a film writer documenting sustainable farming to a Texan once chased out of Russia, our lives have been enriched. We’ve even tasted life on the couch surfing road as a family. And, hey it’s free accommodation! Fun, free, connecting the world one couch at a time. Discover how this simple act of hospitality will strengthen your faith in humanity. read more →

Tickets Now Available For Ignite #Sault 5!

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Get Your Ticket for Ignite Sault 5

ignite sault 5

Tickets for Ignite Sault 5 (November 9th) are on sale now!  If you haven’t attended a previous Ignite Sault, you are in for a real treat.  Presenters are given just 5 minutes to share their talk, and are accompanied by 20 powerpoint slides that automatically advance every 15 seconds.  Topics run the gambit, covering passionate causes/interests, lighthearted entertaining stories, and everything in between.  In addition to the exceptionally entertaining talks, you will also be treated to; networking opportunities with others from the Sault community, scrumptious food, a full bar, and FUN!

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At Just $5, Tickets Will Sell Out Fast

Ignite Sault 4 was a sellout, and Ignite Sault 5 is expected to be the biggest yet!  Get your tickets now to take advantage of the early bird special, which includes a FREE DRINK TICKET, as well as an entry for the door prize draw.  This effectively makes your ticket FREE.  Nowhere else can you experience such an engaging and compelling evening for such a small price.

Become a Micro Sponsor!

You can be an Ignite Sault Micro Sponsor  By becoming a community investor in Ignite Sault, you will receive:

  • (1) admission
  • (1) free drink
  • 2 door prize entries
  • Special recognition during the event

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