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Change of Plans

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Thank you all for your continued support of Ignite Sault Ste Marie, we could not do this without you!

Due to scheduling issues and lack of communications and supports between our staff in recent months, we have decided to forego the date on May 10, 2013 and reschedule to a later time this Fall. We want to give you as close to perfection as we can get, you deserve it!

If you or anyone you know is interested in becoming a part of the Ignite Sault crew, we’re on the lookout for volunteers with passions in communications, videography, social media, and event coordination; or if you’d just like to voice your support, or wish to submit a passionate speaker proposal — we’re still accepting proposals, yes! — please get in touch with us, we’d be happy to hear from you.

Please help us keep the flame of Ignite Sault burning hot and bright.


The Ignite Sault Crew

Calling all Passionate Saultites!

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Ignite Sault Ste. Marie is hosting it’s seventh annual event at the Grand Theatre May 10, 2013, and we’re looking for fantastic stories from bright minds who want to share their insights with a captive audience.

What is Ignite?

“Enlighten Us — but make it quick!”

This is the slogan of Ignite, a revolutionary community event celebrating the passion and creativity of everyday people from all walks of life. Ignite events bring together artists, techies, entrepreneurs, academics, ponderers and others to share their ideas in quick, bite-sized presentations.

We’ve got some new faces to our crew, happy and eager to push the boundaries and bring to you another stupendous night of talks. We’re on the lookout for speakers, volunteers, and sponsors to get involved and make Ignite Sault 7 hotter and brighter than ever!

C’mon, help us feed the flame.

Nearly 200 people came to the last event, filling the Grand Theatre. The night was magical, the intimacy of the Grand and the big screen making it the perfect home for Ignite. We kicked off with an icebreaker that asked the audience to use tape and a deck of business cards to build something that represented the Sault in honour of its 100th anniversary. This was followed by a series of 14 inspiring bite-sized presentations that kept people talking well after the event was done. Ignite Karaoke made its return as well, with 3 brave souls doing their best to make a story out of random slides — there weren’t many takers this year, but the crowd loved the stories!

Call for Speakers:

Ignite presenters come from all corners of the community and from any walk of life. Topic choices are virtually limitless! Ignite Talks are 5 minutes long, consisting of 20 slides with 15 seconds per slide. Many past speakers presented for the first time at an Ignite event. At Ignite Sault, you’re in good company: everyone is rooting for you! It’s the perfect place to present.

Submit a topic. Deadline is Monday, April 15.
For more information about the event and to see past presentations, visit

The Date:
Friday May 10th, 2013
6-10 PM @ The Grand Theatre

We ask that you please forward this message on to your friends and coworkers; we want the spark of Ignite to spread! Thank you.


The Ignite Sault Crew

Ignite 6 videos – Robert Bushnell and Susan Hunter

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Just in time for Christmas, we have two videos for you from Ignite 6. Enjoy Robert Bushnell’s debut talk Our Soul Purpose and The Presley Factor, all about Elvis from Susan Hunter. We’ll be releasing new videos each week, so come back regularly or sign up to our newsletter to not miss anything.

Looking to the Future – Ignite 7 meetup recap

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Season’s Greetings everyone,

This past Sunday, the embers of Ignite 6 burned on in the minds of our team and a number of attendees who plan to volunteer their time with us for the next round — that’s right! — Ignite Sault Ste Marie 7!

IMG_2392  IMG_2394

Around the table, great food and conversations were shared. Our guests — seasoned with life experiences of all sorts and fueled by that same openness that inspires all of us who attend Ignite — divulged on topics which ranged from musical preferences to capitalism’s pros versus it’s cons; from the boom of a local farmer’s market to the sights and stories of travel to Southern Ontario, hosting a couch surfer, and of course: what we thought of Ignite and just what it has to offer for the Sault.

We’re close to our goal of doubling team size. To get they, we’re looking for people experienced with marketing and communications, and a project coordinator to guide and support the team in getting things done. A lot of the heavy lifting is already done, it’s a matter of execution on a familiar path. Most of the pieces are already in place. As a team member, you’ll learn effective ways to collaborate and have a lot of fun on the journey.


That said, we want to take the Ignite experience to a whole new level. We want more of Sault Ste. Marie to experience Ignite, through the event and by helping launch other events (Ignite in high schools?). If that excites you, contact us to attend the next meeting in mid January.

Cheers one and all!

~ The Ignite Crew

A Look Back at Ignite Sault 6

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The Grand Theatre was packed for the third straight Ignite event, and those in attendance were treated to a variety of entertaining presentations, a creative activity, and several gastronomical delights from local vendors.

The Talks – Variety is the Spice of Life

We learned how to publish our own book, the purpose of life, our dark side, traveling across the world to build homes, and that Elvis lives…and he is waiting tables at Giovanni’s!

The topics were diverse, and the crowd warm. One of the things that makes Ignite Sault such a successful community event, is the energy of the crowd. While some of the subject matter of the talks could be considered ‘hands off’ in most circles, the Ignite stage is not prejudicial. That same spirit is evident in the support that every speaker received from those in attendance.

A special HUGE shout out to Susan Hunter and Sherri Donofrio Ubriaco for delivering sensational talks on only a few day’s notice. That’s real love and commitment to the spirit of Ignite.

Business Card Sault Landmarks

Every Ignite begins with a maker team competition of some sort that is both fun and challenging. Armed with just a stack of business cards, tape, and a paper bag, every table constructed something that is iconic to Sault Ste. Marie. It was absolutely amazing to see the amount of creativity expressed in these projects, and in such a short period of time!

A World of Eats

Sushi, cupcakes, Tabbouleh, and more!  Thanks to Tutto Japan, Cupcakez, Personal Fit Meal Catering, and Sherry’s Truffles for the delicious food items.

Sponsor Salute

Once again, we owe a lot to our sponsors, especially to our biggest sponsor, you the passionate supporters of Ignite.

Volunteer Cheer

We appreciate the time these people took out of their lives, and all the big and small things they did to make Ignite Sault 6 a success:

  • Jamie Pyette – photography
  • DJ Seith – music and sound system

We Want YOU to help with Ignite Sault 7?

We’ll begin gearing up for the next event, in just a couple of months! Contact us if you have an idea, or interest in helping.

The Ignite Sault Crew

A mix of veterans and new faces made it all happen:

  • Tom Noland
  • Cindy Ellen Crawford
  • Nathan Smith @CoffeeNate
  • John Clement
  • Gerry Kirk @gerrykirk
  • Marc LaPorte
  • Jacob Zaccaria

Videos and Photos

Everyone wants to know when the videos will be up. We are hoping to have at least one up by the end of this week, and then publishing a new batch every other week. We’ll let you know each time there is something new to check out. For now, check out these awesome photos from the event:

Ignite Sault 7…It’s YOUR Turn!

We have already begun taking submissions for Ignite Sault 7 presentations! Turn that hobby, passion, or family vacation mishap into an engaging and entertaining 5 minute talk. We will be here to help you prepare it, but you have to commit to delivering your best effort. Submit your proposal for Ignite 7!

Limited tickets at the door, watch live here

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We will have a very limited number of tickets at the door, come when doors open at 5 if you want a chance to get one.

Food is available from 5 pm, come early and enjoy!

Didn’t make it in but still want to watch the talks? Come back to the Ignite Sault web site at 6:30 when the live stream starts.

You may also watch via Facebook!

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