Getting fired up for Ignite Sault

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The Ignite Sault team is really excited for Ignite Sault 3!  We’ve been talking to potential speakers and attendees (and all other interested parties) and your enthusiasm has been incredible!

If you’ve ever worked in a team (outside of working hours) you’ll know how hard it is to find time to get together.  Our meetings always leave us feeling fired up for our April 8th event, so we’ve found some new and interesting ways to meet more often.

Skype and TinyChat have been our modern-day meeting saviors!  With Skype we’re able to conference call each other and with TinyChat we can see each other.

Ignite Sault team meets via Skype & TinyChat

Some members of the Ignite Sault team meet via Skype & TinyChat

As I mentioned before, the meetings always get us fired up as we discuss the interest we’ve seen in Ignite Sault 3 and what our next steps are.

So if you’re interested in presenting, don’t forget the deadline is February 25 submit here and you can .  If you’d like to attend don’t forget to reserve your free tickets here.

We love seeing and hearing about your interest so keep it up and hope to see you on April 8!