Ignite Sault reaches 5! The recap

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Ignite Sault 5

Last week Ignite Sault reached a special milestone, the 5th event since it started a couple of years ago. The Grand Theatre was packed once again for an exciting evening of talks, friendly competition and local food delights.

Talks – A Little of Everything

Two single roommate family. A campaign for fairy godmother status. See the world through couch surfing.  This Ignite Sault had the most variety of talks yet, and the time invested in helping speakers prepare showed in the quality of the result.

We had a couple of firsts – the first time two people co-presented a talk and a first to have someone with a learning disability take the stage. Reflecting the diverse community of Sault Ste. Marie is an important part of the event.

Looking for videos of the talks? Read on…

Paper Podiums

Ignite Sault 5

Every Ignite begins with a maker team competition of some sort that is both fun and challenging. It was awesome to watch 20 tables battling each other to build the tallest structure out of newspaper and tape. Every structure had to support one person from their table for 5 seconds.

Food Feast


Cupcakes from Sweet Designs

Quiche from Eleven Bistro

Quiche from Eleven Bistro

Cupcakes, chili, quiche oh my. Thanks to Jennifer Swenson from Sweet Designs and Mark from Eleven Bistro for the sweet and scrumptious treats.

Sponsor Salute

Once again, we owe a lot to our sponsors, especially to our biggest sponsor, you the passionate supporters of Ignite. We raised more $$ through $20 micro sponsorships than any other way. Wow, what an awesome feeling, to know that Ignite

Also thanks to Stephen Alexander for hosting the after party @ Loplops.

Volunteer Cheer

We appreciate the time these people took out of their lives, and all the big and small things they did to make Ignite Sault 4 a success:

  • AJ Armstrong and Allan Brunke – photography
  • Tom Vair – Ignite karaoke demonstration
  • David Thompson – music and sound system

Want to help with Ignite Sault 6?

We’ll begin gearing up for the next event, some time in the new year. Contact us if you have an idea, or interest in helping.

The Ignite Sault Crew

A mix of veterans and new faces made it all happen:
Ignite Sault 5


From left to right:

Missing from the pic: Jason Sproule @jasonsproule

Videos and Photos

Everyone wants to know when the videos will be up. We are hoping to have at least one up by the end of this week, and then publishing a something new every other week. We’ll let you know each time there is something new to check out. For now, check out these awesome photos from the event:

See you at Ignite Sault 6!