Mixing & Mingling with the Ignite Sault crew on Friday

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Have you submitted your Ignite talk proposal yet? Keep in mind the deadline is today! Submit your proposal soon to avoid disappointment! 🙂  So far we have a great variety of interesting talks but we’re also looking for something lighthearted.  Are you the one who can add that to the mix and balance things out?  Let us know!

Friday’s Mix and Mingle with Ignite Sault was a great start to the weekend. Thank you to the awesome crowd who came out! What enthusiasm!

Everybody enjoyed a nice relaxing drink at Loplops and many also partook in the tasty gourmet pizza (3 kinds of pizza and all absolutely delicious!).

We unveiled our official Ignite Sault banner (thank you to Dumanski Office Interiors for providing it!) and Tim Kelly talked about Ignite Sault 3 and followed it up with some videos including:

“Why and How to Give an Ignite Talk” from Ignite Seattle

We followed it up by inviting past Ignite Sault presenter Curtis Collins up to talk about his experience (which he did in under 1 minute!) before replaying his talk on Art and Community.

We asked the crowd if they wanted to see more. The crowd asked for more!

Next we showed them Ignite Karaoke and when the crowd asked for more again we showed them Susan Hunter’s “The Pirate Principles” talk from Ignite Sault 2.

Everybody was buzzing and we could feel the excitement! Gerry Kirk capped the night by speaking about Ignite and Soo PodCamp (which took place on Saturday!).

It was great! We were pumped that everybody was so pumped! Now don’t forget, there are only a few more days to submit your Ignite Sault talk proposal (due on February 25)!

Not submitting a talk but you want to come and check it out on April 8Get your free tickets here!