Speaker How-To

This page will be a one-stop shop benefit to our Ignite speakers providing valuable information about upcoming workshops, give you the link to the presentation template and allow for some friendly reminders in preperation for your talks.  Have fun and get fired up!


Friday October 4 — Talk submission deadline
Friday October 11 – Speakers are notified if talk submission has been accepted
Thursday October 17 – Speaker workshop #1
Thursday October 24 – Speaker workshop #2
Monday October 28 – Speaker slide deck submission date(upload link below)
Wednesday October 30 – Rehearsal and walk-through at the venue
Friday November 1 – Event night!

Important: If you would like additional practice in a supportive environment you are invited to attend a Toastmasters meeting at one of the following local clubs (*Advance notice is required*):
Algoma Toastmasters (meets Monday evenings from 7:30 – 9 pm, John Rhodes Accessibility Centre); contact Nathan Smith: Nathan@zynali.com
Sault College Toastmasters (meets every Tuesday from 11:45 am – 12:45 pm, Sault College Essar Hall); contact Dave Mornix: d_mornix@hotmail.com

Slideshow Upload 

(PLEASE USE TEMPLATE PROVIDED ABOVE FOR SLIDESHOWS)  here is a link to upload your finished slideshows

It can be difficult to practice your talk in front of the computer all of the time.  It is also a challenge to understand just how many words you can use during each slide.  Here is an audio file (.mp3) that you can download to help you with your preparation.  It contains audio cues every 15 seconds to allow you to practice your delivery and to perfect your timing anywhere!  To download, just right click on the link below and then select “Save As” or “Save link as”  This will prompt you to save the file to your computer where you can transfer it to your ipod.

>>Ignite audio practice template


  • Your presentation is only 5 minutes long
  • Your presentation can only have 20 slides, no more, no less
  • You are not allowed to have any animation on your slides (no movies, sounds, gifs, etc..)
  • Your slides will will auto-advance every 15 seconds (we can help you set this up)
  • You need permission to use visuals in your slides. This is really important because your presentation will be published online, plus it’s the right thing to do. Your slide template will have a place at the bottom for the url of each image. Some places you can find pics:
    • http://compfight.com is a great tool for searching Flickr. Be sure to have Creative Commons set to Only.
    • A large repository of images either in the public domain or with a Creative Commons license are available in the WikiMedia Commons (http://commons.wikimedia.org). The source and permissions of each image is listed there separately.
    • High-quality royalty-free images can also be purchased from sources like istockphoto.com.

Some tips for an effective presentation

  • 5 minutes is not a lot of time. Plan to make a few key points. Be inspiring, but brief.
  • Before spending a lot of time preparing slides, work out what you want to say then work the slides to support them.
  • Practice several times. 15 seconds goes by fast. I’ve tried this format and while it was an adrenaline rush, it really helped to find the proper pace and amount to say for each slide beforehand.
  • Avoid death by Powerpoint. No one can read much in 15 seconds. Use visuals and at most some minimal text on your slides. Seasoned presenters like Seth Godin and Guy Kawasaki suggest no more than 6 words on a slide.
  • Remember that people are coming out to both have fun and be inspired / informed. Try to mix a little of both in your presentation. Entertainment makes a message go down easier.
  • Take a look at some Ignite presentations to get a feel for them. There are some posted at Ignite Sault and at the main Ignite site.

Good luck from the entire Ignite team!

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.