Sponsorship Spotlight: SooNews.ca

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Sponsorship Spotlight: SooNews.ca

Ignite Sault team is proud to announce SooNews.ca as one of our sponsors for Ignite Sault 2011.

We asked Jake Cormier, Manager / Developer of SooNews.ca – The Sault’s Homepage about their involvement in this year’s event:

1. Why did you sponsor Ignite Sault?

We like to associate with forward thinking, community oriented organizations. Our community is very important to us, so we like to help out wherever we can. Organizations like IgniteSault offer a grassroots approach to positive input into the community, so sponsoring this event was a no-brainer for us.

2. What are you most looking forward to at Ignite Sault this year?

We’re looking forward to seeing just how big a message one is capable of fitting into 5 minutes. It’ll also be interesting to see what kind of fascinating ideas are rolling around in the heads of our neighbours, and how excitedly the audience reacts to them.

3. What speaker/talk are you most interested in hearing?

Susan Hunter’s presentation on advertising will certainly be interesting, since that’s the only product we sell. We’re looking forward to seeing Debbie Amaroso’s presentation on community participation in local government — something we’ve long thought to be critically important but overlooked. The “cool stuff” presentations like Curt’s 3-continent photo slideshow, Bill Cole’s presentation on forests, and Luc Deschene’s talk on serendipity will be a welcome break from the more “serious” presentations but may very well turn out the be the most entertaining and educational of the lot. Really, the whole evening’s line up looks fascinating. We can’t wait!