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Looking to the Future – Ignite 7 meetup recap

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Season’s Greetings everyone,

This past Sunday, the embers of Ignite 6 burned on in the minds of our team and a number of attendees who plan to volunteer their time with us for the next round — that’s right! — Ignite Sault Ste Marie 7!

IMG_2392  IMG_2394

Around the table, great food and conversations were shared. Our guests — seasoned with life experiences of all sorts and fueled by that same openness that inspires all of us who attend Ignite — divulged on topics which ranged from musical preferences to capitalism’s pros versus it’s cons; from the boom of a local farmer’s market to the sights and stories of travel to Southern Ontario, hosting a couch surfer, and of course: what we thought of Ignite and just what it has to offer for the Sault.

We’re close to our goal of doubling team size. To get they, we’re looking for people experienced with marketing and communications, and a project coordinator to guide and support the team in getting things done. A lot of the heavy lifting is already done, it’s a matter of execution on a familiar path. Most of the pieces are already in place. As a team member, you’ll learn effective ways to collaborate and have a lot of fun on the journey.


That said, we want to take the Ignite experience to a whole new level. We want more of Sault Ste. Marie to experience Ignite, through the event and by helping launch other events (Ignite in high schools?). If that excites you, contact us to attend the next meeting in mid January.

Cheers one and all!

~ The Ignite Crew

Ignite Sault 6 is here!

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This week we’ve initiated and launched Ignite Sault 6, happening on November 30th, and are getting the final touches ready for an official press release.
On that note, we’re now looking for speakers. That’s right! So if you’ve got a story – something to say and share with the community – submit it to us.
Deadline for talk proposals is Wednesday, October 31st, 2012.
There’s also the search for sponsors. If you’d like to contribute to and fund this inspiring event, please Contact Us.
We have one last announcement: the first three proposals accepted to go on to the event will receive a free drink ticket.

Is Sault Ste. Marie Fashionable?

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Local fashion guru Marla Guzzo answers the age old question “Is Sault Ste. Marie Fashionable?” in her hilarious yet insightful Ignite Sault talk.

Marla, who was born and raised in SSM spent 7 years in Toronto where she studied fashion marketing and worked in the fashion industry. Here she brings her professional insights to fashion in Sault Ste. Marie.

Check it out here:

Chaos Theory in 5 minutes

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Tim Kelly did his Ignite talk on Chaos Theory. It’s a complicated topic on its own, let alone to explain in 5 minutes. Tim has a personal interest in Chaos Theory and he pulled it off remarkably.

Watch the video below to learn about Chaos Theory in 5 minutes!

End Polio Now

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One of the things that makes Ignite Sault such an interesting event is the diversity of topics. They range from the humorous to the informative, the quirky to the serious (though these aren’t all mutually exclusive. Humorous topics can also be informative. Quirky topics can also be serious).

Neil McLean did his talk on something he is truly passionate about. Polio. His talk told us how just over 20 years ago a Rotary Club in Indonesia started a project to rid the world of Polio. Now four countries and just a few thousand cases remain. But that still isn’t the end of Polio.

Watch Neil’s talk “End Polio Now” and learn how those few thousand cases can be prevented.

Change the Room: You’re a hero and can change your community

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So Ignite 3 talks are going up and since Ignite 4 won’t be until October we’re going to take a moment to try to talk about each one of them.

This talk was done by one of the guys behind Ignite Sault, Gerry Kirk.  Because of Gerry, Ignite Sault was the first Ignite event to be held in Canada!  Since Ignite, Gerry’s been planning other events and movements such as Soo PodCamp and soon Change Camp.  In his talk below, he talks about everyday heroes and how you can change your community.

Want more talks? They’re coming! 🙂

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