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Ignite 6 videos – Robert Bushnell and Susan Hunter

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Just in time for Christmas, we have two videos for you from Ignite 6. Enjoy Robert Bushnell’s debut talk Our Soul Purpose and The Presley Factor, all about Elvis from Susan Hunter. We’ll be releasing new videos each week, so come back regularly or sign up to our newsletter to not miss anything.

Is Sault Ste. Marie Fashionable?

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Local fashion guru Marla Guzzo answers the age old question “Is Sault Ste. Marie Fashionable?” in her hilarious yet insightful Ignite Sault talk.

Marla, who was born and raised in SSM spent 7 years in Toronto where she studied fashion marketing and worked in the fashion industry. Here she brings her professional insights to fashion in Sault Ste. Marie.

Check it out here:

Chaos Theory in 5 minutes

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Tim Kelly did his Ignite talk on Chaos Theory. It’s a complicated topic on its own, let alone to explain in 5 minutes. Tim has a personal interest in Chaos Theory and he pulled it off remarkably.

Watch the video below to learn about Chaos Theory in 5 minutes!

End Polio Now

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One of the things that makes Ignite Sault such an interesting event is the diversity of topics. They range from the humorous to the informative, the quirky to the serious (though these aren’t all mutually exclusive. Humorous topics can also be informative. Quirky topics can also be serious).

Neil McLean did his talk on something he is truly passionate about. Polio. His talk told us how just over 20 years ago a Rotary Club in Indonesia started a project to rid the world of Polio. Now four countries and just a few thousand cases remain. But that still isn’t the end of Polio.

Watch Neil’s talk “End Polio Now” and learn how those few thousand cases can be prevented.

Change the Room: You’re a hero and can change your community

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So Ignite 3 talks are going up and since Ignite 4 won’t be until October we’re going to take a moment to try to talk about each one of them.

This talk was done by one of the guys behind Ignite Sault, Gerry Kirk.  Because of Gerry, Ignite Sault was the first Ignite event to be held in Canada!  Since Ignite, Gerry’s been planning other events and movements such as Soo PodCamp and soon Change Camp.  In his talk below, he talks about everyday heroes and how you can change your community.

Want more talks? They’re coming! 🙂

Not your average karaoke

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We keep saying that Ignite Sault is about community. One of the great things about community is that everybody supports each other, whether you’re a presenter or participating in an icebreaking activity, if you put yourself out there at Ignite Sault people will cheer you on.

Another key thing about Ignite is that it’s fun. It’s a night to have fun, hear some quick presentations, interact and enjoy.

Ignite Karaoke is one of the fun, interactive activities you can expect at an Ignite Sault event. Introduced in the Soo at Ignite Sault 2, it’s quickly become one of the highlights of any Ignite evening.

It’s not your average karaoke. What happens is, people attending Ignite, who aren’t presenting, can volunteer for Ignite Karaoke (if you put your name in by accident don’t worry! You can just let us know and you don’t have to do it). These brave volunteers are then picked randomly and have to improvise an Ignite talk to random slides they have never seen before. The audience then votes for their favourite, using the “applause meter” app on Gerry’s iPhone (very scientific:)) to decide the winner.

Want to see what it’s all about?  Check out this Ignite Sault 3 Karaoke video:

Special thanks again to our volunteer Ignite Karaoke presenters! It’s not easy to stand up in front of a crowd and improvise a talk, especially to slides you have never seen before! We had fun and hope they had fun as well.

Stay tuned for more videos from Ignite Sault 3!

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