The meaning of Ignite Sault

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By now you’ve probably all heard the spiel.  “Enlighten us, but make it quick.”  “5 minutes, 20 slides, what would you say?”

But what does it all mean?  Why do we get together and hold these events?  Why is this important to us?

The Ignite Sault team also wanted to answer these questions (for our personal reasons, why we’re involved in putting these events together and for Ignite Sault itself).  One day just after Ignite Sault 2 finished and before we had set the date for Ignite Sault 3 (taking place in just a few weeks on April 8!:), the team got together to create a mission statement.

We knew a mission statement was important because it embodies an organization’s philosophies, goals, ambitions and more (  We wanted our mission statement to truly represent what Ignite Sault is about without sounding cheesy, wordy or like it was from the Dilbert Mission Statement Generator.

We split into two groups (coincidentally it ended up being the lefties and the righties!) and generated different key words and goals that we think of when we think of Ignite Sault using post-it notes and cue cards.  We then paired the key words into thematic groups and eventually came back together to present our findings.  Using these grouped together words, lots of brainstorming and plenty of teamwork, we came up with the following:

“To promote community growth by gathering a diverse group to share passion and inspire ideas.”

Here is a picture of our final cue card with Ignite Sault’s Mission Statement:

Ignite Sault's Mission Statement

  • This was a fun meeting @MarlaGuzzo's place 🙂 I had just met the rest of the Ignite Sault team, and we had a great time! This statement is the embodiment of Ignite Sault. Everyone is interesting for some reason, at Ignite you can find out what that 'something' is quickly!