What happened to Ignite Sault 6?

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Ignite Sault community, how are ya? Wondering what has happened to Ignite Sault? A lot has happened in the 6(!) months since Ignite Sault 5 wrapped up, some good, some disappointing.

In the good news department, the team behind Ignite Sault has been busy with other projects, and life in general. It was clear we didn’t have the capacity to put on an event before summer, making 2012 the first time we won’t have two Ignite events in a year. Disappointing? Certainly, and if you want to make Ignite 6 happen this fall, read more below. But wait, this was supposed to be good news, right?

Here it is. Two of the Ignite crew, Nathan Smith and Gerry Kirk are actively building an Ignite inspired community of creative thinkers and entrepreneurs. Gangplank Sault aims to be the home of connected individuals and small businesses creating an economy of innovation and creativity in the Sault. We envision a new economic engine comprised of collaboration and community. This model is already in use in the U.S., and rapidly growing.

Gangplank Sault is:

Get your Ignite fix over lunch

Candice Esposito presenting Are You Too Busy For Health? at Gangplank Brown Bag session

Every Wednesday at 12:00 Gangplank Sault serves up tasty knowledge nuggets, delivered with collaborative sauce, wrapped up in a fun networking environment. We find engaging topics, delivered by experts in the community to raise your game to the next level. These aren’t dull Powerpoint sessions. Come prepared to interact in a small setting. Check out these past and upcoming sessions, many delivered by Ignite alumni:

Keep informed on Gangplank events by email, Facebook or Twitter.

Ignite 5 videos, we barely knew ya

We regret that the video publisher appears to have lost the videos recorded at Ignite 5. This hurts us deeply, we love giving presenters a platform online to share their ideas. A small consolation is that one video draft was rescued, and that is now up on YouTube. Relive Emily Columbo’s talk on teh awesome that is Cooperatives.

Call for Ignite 6 volunteers

Want to be part of an exciting event with a proven track record? The organizing team is looking for a few new faces to take Ignite Sault to the next level. After 5 events, there is a solid plan for executing, making it easy for newbies to jump in and feel productive, not overwhelmed.

If you’d like to help out, email email@ignitesault.ca right away.